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In order for us to evaluate your needs and design requirements we require a certain amount of technical information.

For the majority of people who would like a roof lantern it is sufficient for us to have basic information on size and design in order to give an estimate or quotation. Obviously any drawings and digital photographs are a great help as are all the other basic considerations such as the aspect of the building (south facing?), use of the room below the lantern etc.

Obviously written communication with drawings (plan and section) is absolutely essential in order to ensure good detailing between our roof lanterns and the builder's supporting kerb / upstand.

For every roof lantern we supply we will provide a plan and section drawing detailing the correct measurements for the builder to work to. Some discussion may be needed in order to arrive at the correct detail where there are particular requirements.

Typical Kerb Upstand Sections

Please download the following typical upstand/kerb sections:

(Please note that these are only indicative details. We can produce a cill for any upstand specification.)

Section through lantern with side lights

Section through lantern without side lights

Technical CAD

Access our CAD drawings through the Fastrack CAD portal:

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