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We are often asked about this very important subject which deserves proper consideration. Here are some important relevant factors:

  • Is the room south facing?
  • Are there opening windows in the room?
  • Is the room a kitchen or dining room?

We often hear the comment that ventilation is not needed in the roof lantern because there is plenty of ventilation below. The point here is that overhead ventilation is far more effective than side ventilation and when there is heat build up on a windless day (which is often the case when south facing) an opening in the roof lantern will cause the hot air inside to rise naturally and create a very welcome cooling draught.

Trickle vents

These are available in powder coated aluminium and allow a small amount of air movement.

Top hung opening sashes

These are available if the roof lantern has side lights. They can be opened either manually (with a pole) or by electric motor and switch with or without various automatic control options.

Opening skylights

If the roof does not have side lights it is possible to ventilate using powder coated aluminium top hung skylights. Aesthetically, skylights do break up the purity of line to some extent. This is more noticeable on small roof lanterns since the frame of the skylight does take some of the light. Having said that the particular design we use works very well and is fully storm proof. Either manual or electric operation is available.